How to Amplify Your Websites to Rank Higher on Search Engines?

1 July 2015

Austin: We all know the importance of ranking high on search engines; when the customers search for your service or products on the internet, obviously you want to appear as high in the ranking as possible. The reason is not just because you want them to click through your site; but more than that. All you need to know SEO is the way to communicate with search engines to provide the information they need to make your website rank higher.

Here are a few tips that could help you in making your site rank well:

  1. Choose an exceptional page title: A title is said to be great if it is catchy enough to attract people to your page and also if it contains a keyword you wish to optimize the page for. This helps search engines to rank your page as the most relevant result for the entered search query. Using other formats like bolded text and sub headlines can also help search engines analyze what’s important on your page.
  2. Keep the URL clean: We have seen many URLs that are messed up with endless strings of letters, numbers and symbols. When you have the option, avoid such things that make your URL look unorganized. Search engines also analyze the structure of your URL to understand the main content of the site. So, choose an organized URL that uses a keyword to indicate the page’s topic.
  3. Provide image information: Images are certainly a good way to make your site look more attractive to the users and if you use them efficiently, you can also make the site appealing to the search engines. There are two ways to provide information about images to the search engines. One is to give the file a relevant name like how-to-use-twitter.jpg instead of pic123.jpg. The other way is using alt tags that allow you to tag an image with a short piece of text.
  4. Choose keyword-rich title tags and descriptions: Title tag is nothing but a term that refers to the name of your page. It’s the thing that shows up on the browser tab when the site is opened. Meta description is the short description that shows up below the title tag and the URL in the list of result pages. Make sure that you include some of the keywords; this helps you in improving the ranking.
  5. Use header tags: Header tag is an excellent tool that indicates search engines that which phrase or keyword is most important as they allow you to create the headlines of different sizes. For instance, the search engines are aware that the text with h1 tag is a bit more important than the text with h2 tag.

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