The Final Ever Major Version of Windows Impacts Web Design A Lot

10 September 2015

Austin: Windows 10, the final ever major version of Windows is available now and it seems the company ceases the major releases of the Windows from now on. Instead, it adapts to the frequent update model by releasing the update several times a day. Changing demands on the operating system has been the main reason for this.

It has been said that the platform borrows a lot from the rivals; Mission Control has been directly lifted from Mac OS. Also, the previous versions had a welcome return for the Start menu. But Windows 10 tethers up several different ideas into a usable package. The OS has also introduced some features that could have a strong impact on the web design. Here are the 4 ways in which web design will be impacted by Windows 10.

Windows 10 facilitates new devices

  • While the desktop OS Windows is being widely used in business and domestic sectors, the mobile OS has been the third choice for most of the users (after iOS and Android). Of course, there are a few people who think that Windows mobile offers a better experience than its rivals but the thing is they are very few.
  • As Windows 10 runs on all the hardware that the company is investing on, the company is planning to deliver a few high-end devices for the customers. So the designers will have to design larger HD screens to be viewed from the greater distance than mobile or desktop.

Cortana to revolutionize search methods

  • Cortana, the voice assist for Windows is currently working in territories like UK, US, France, China, Spain, Italy and Germany; the support for voice assistance will be expanded to many other countries soon.
  • Significance of Cortana is actually very clear; we usually search by just giving the short phrases when we type, e.g. “mobile development blog”. But when we search by using our voice we go into the detail, e.g. “Cortana, where can I find a good mobile development blog?”

Windows 10 opens up the market for development

  • The strength of Windows depends on two main factors; budget and the large choice of apps available. One clear weakness of Windows 10 is that the consistent lack in the choice of apps. There are almost no plugins for Edge.
  • But the Windows 10’s rapid update makes it a better option than Windows 8. We can see the increased security and stability with software manufacturers being very concerned about the offerings of Windows. With such tight security features, the platform is certain to move vigorously (thinking of great innovations) to sustain in the competition. This will definitely be a benefit for all the designers.

Constant updates

  • As this is the final ever major version, Windows 10, the on-going service is constantly being developed.
  • This could be the clear indication that the software is moving in while increasing the value for web designers to a great extent beyond the security updates and the bug fixes. With the continuous growth of front end technologies, there are very less chances for users maintaining the legacy of browsers.

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