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Fortune Softtech, Austin strives to aid you in decreasing your human capital and increase your Return on Investment. We at Fortune Softtech accede to our clients to hire our developers full time, part time or as a virtual team, to exclusively support them on the on-going effort to achieve dominant success in their projects.

Our hire a developer program ensures continuous availability of human resources over a mutually agreed period. Monitored and working based on the guidelines of the client, our resource indirectly becomes our customer’s economical investment and plenteous return provider, churning durable gains from off-shoring. Our supple engagement models and excellent human resources have paved way for us to provide dedicated resources to different clients in Austin and around the globe resulting in consistent and cost effective solutions.

The hired resource would be billed on an hourly, weekly or a monthly rate, which is arrived at a conclusion upon discussion with the client.

You can hire resources specific to your particular requirement. Our developers can be grouped according to their development expertise including Joomla, Magento, WordPress, and Drupal in the Web Development segment followed by Android and iOS experts in the Mobile application development segment.

Why hire our resources?

Reduced cost to Your Company: Our intensity of commitment and communication to your project is equivalent to an in-house development facility decreasing the cost of infrastructure, recruitment, training and perks. Our highly satisfied customers have reported a reduction in up to 40% of the cost projected to complete the project by hiring our resources.

Rich deposit of Experience and Expertise: Our developers have worked across numerous development frameworks and programming languages required to make your web and mobile ideas into a reality. With collective work experience over 200 years covering different paradigms of user requirements, you have some of the “best in the business class” ready to support your project’s cause.

Excellent work facilities and infrastructure: The developers are facilitated with the state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure that can well facilitate the work required to be done by the hired resource for your project. You would not even require buying or investing money in certain facilities and IT infrastructure by promptly utilizing our developers.

You choose your Resource: We ensure that the clients choose the right resource tailor made for their requirements. We further walk an extra mile to ensure that our Clients can interview the resource before taking the decision on hire them for their project. Your search for a developer comes to an end here, with a large pool of highly trained, skilled and experienced developers who can exclusively work on your project like your very own full-time employee delivering a multitude of your requirements.


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Why Fortune Softtech?

  • Save your project cost up to 40%
  • Hire Remote Web Developers & Web Designers
  • Austin Based Project Management
  • 50 plus strong off shore development team based in Bangalore, India
  • Innovative team members with Web 2.0 expertise
  • Quality Driven Delivery Model
  • Detail Time Sheet & Daily Reporting
  • WordPress Development in Austin
  • Drupal Development in Austin
  • Joomla Development in Austin
  • eCommerce Magento Austin
  • Web Development Austin
  • Web Development Austin
  • jQuery development company
  • Zend framework development
  • Airline IBE GDS Integration Navitaire
  • Airline IBE GDS Integration Navitaire